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About me

Born and raised in Essex, I have had a lifelong interest in wildlife.

My earliest memories are of countless weekends which started with my parents picking me up from school and then taking a trip to the coast, and my parents yacht which was moored at Brightlingsea.

My weekends and holidays would then be spent sailing up and down the east coast of England.

Once moored, I was then free to explore - which I did at every opportunity.

Given today's paranoia over kids, my parents never seemed to worry if I disappeared for hours at a time in our dinghy, exploring beaches, creeks and going on long walks.

After doing the thing that most blokes do when pubs and clubs hold greater attractions than being outside, I rekindled my love of the outdoors and of wildlife.

I got into photography by accident.

One evening, after a few too many, I saw a digital camera on ebay - it came with a bag, tripod, lenses, filters and looked too good to miss, so I put in a bid - and won it !

I've not looked back since and have progressed to owning quite a bit of Canon exoctica including my prized 1D MKIII & IV's and my 500mm f4.

I am a member and contributor on Nature Photographers Network, and most recently, I obtained a Distinction for my Associateship with my submission to the Nature Group of the Royal Photographic Society.

I am married to Jayne and have 2 step daughters, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Graham Goddard ARPS
September 2010