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Sunday, 13 September 2009

How's my project going ?

Quick update on the KF project.

Success at last............not quite what I wanted, but then I shouldn't be so fussy !

I'm lucky - I've got hundreds of KF RAW images on my hard drives. The shot I'm after though is a KF in full golden morning light - keep watching. I'll get it soon !

This is what I got yesterday morning:

So else has paid a visit ?

My hours waiting at the perches have not been entirely fruitless.

My set up consists of a ground level seat, bag hide, tripod and of course, my camera.

Once I arrive at the site, I will very quickly check that all is OK in the swim and that the perches are not damaged etc.,. I will then set up the camera, get comfy and then cover myself with my bag hide.

Once inside my protective cloak it is amazing just how quickly the wildlife resumes its usual activities.

There's the family of Jays that announce their arrival very vocally. Not quite as loud, are the Long Tail Tits that work through the trees looking for insects.

It also seems that certain birds work to a timetable. There's the swans that fly off to feed at 8.30, the Heron that makes it's way towards Rainham at 9, the Canada Geese that fly off to graze half hour after that.

I've had some more surprising sights and sounds, and I've logged them for future projects - Sparrow Hawk, Woodpeckers and Egrett. Yesterday, a fox walked right in front of me along the opposite bank - he had no idea I was there.

One mystery keeping me guessing is what I think is a bird call. It consists of a loud ping - just one. Not unlike a Bearded Tit, but much louder.

I'll solve that little mystery in time and report back.

I know there are also Little Owls on the site - another project right on my doorstep.

Who else has visited ? Well, this Robin stopped by the other day

Friday, 11 September 2009

My local Kingfishers

My local KF's have a lot to answer for.

I first noticed them whilst out walking my dogs early in the morning before work. I heard them first of all and couldn't quite believe that I had a pair of KF's living so close. Since then I've grown very fond of them and also rather protective.

They are responsible for me investing in a lot of expensive camera gear, and spending many happy hours sitting quietly, watching and waiting.

Over the past few weeks however, they've been giving me the run around.

3 weeks ago I set up 2 perches in the river, and have sat and waited patiently for over 10 hours since. I've been rewarded with about 3 minutes of views !

I can hear them flying around me and checking out their territory, but now that they are not breeding and the young have moved on, they seem to be more skittish and don't hang about in one place for very long.

I noticed this behaviour last year too, and I think it's a seasonal thing.

I'll be back there tomorrow morning though, so keep watching my blog for news on my local KF's !