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Friday, 11 September 2009

My local Kingfishers

My local KF's have a lot to answer for.

I first noticed them whilst out walking my dogs early in the morning before work. I heard them first of all and couldn't quite believe that I had a pair of KF's living so close. Since then I've grown very fond of them and also rather protective.

They are responsible for me investing in a lot of expensive camera gear, and spending many happy hours sitting quietly, watching and waiting.

Over the past few weeks however, they've been giving me the run around.

3 weeks ago I set up 2 perches in the river, and have sat and waited patiently for over 10 hours since. I've been rewarded with about 3 minutes of views !

I can hear them flying around me and checking out their territory, but now that they are not breeding and the young have moved on, they seem to be more skittish and don't hang about in one place for very long.

I noticed this behaviour last year too, and I think it's a seasonal thing.

I'll be back there tomorrow morning though, so keep watching my blog for news on my local KF's !

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