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Saturday, 25 September 2010

to crop or not to crop.......

............well, that was a question raised on NPN a couple of days ago, and boy did it create some interesting views from posters to that forum.

Now I only post my images on NPN - it has a massive audience, some of the best nature photographers and always provokes lively debate.

I'm not going to name names here, but one very well respected wildife tog (IMO the best we have in the country at the moment), made some sweeping and pointed comments re cropping, baiting, stacking, HDR etc.,.

Now re cropping, I've done it, if cropping has let me get that lovely shot of a subject that was just out of reach, then I've taken advantage - along with the other tools in PS that allow all images to be manipulated to a larger or lesser extent.

I do think though that cropping is something that most newer togs will grow out I hope, of as their skills develop - that's my experience in any event.

Minor comp adjustments aside, there is nothing to beat that feeling of getting that full frame image onto your PC, and knowing that you've nailed it !

A question for you - is this a crop of FF ?


Anonymous said...

Yes it's a crop on two levels... First one is wheat and it looks like you've taken a bit out vertically based on the pixel dimensions ;)


Simon said...

That last sentance sums it up for me - there's nothing more self-satisfying than nailing a shot in camera.
You seem to have the same idea as me regarding the crop tool: it's there to perfect a composition - not create one!
I also think you're right about new photographers growing out of it as they become more experienced. I know I did!

Simon Litten

Graham said...

Cheers chaps - it was a crop.

This was a shot of a Norfolk Hare that I shot using my 500 with a 2x. Cropped approx 30%....

I'm sure the debate will continue to rage.....