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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The perils of being kind.....

I spotted this story in the press this morning:


It reminded of my time on Unst as Robbie, Suze and I stumbled across what appeared to be a sick Gannet one evening whilst on our way back from Saxa Vord.

I didn't see the bird at first, but the ever watchful Robbie spotted it tucked into the rocks near the roadside.

Robbie stopped the car and we got out to investigate.

Gannets look quite large on the wing, but up close and on the ground, they are huge - especially with wings out stretched!

As I approached, the bird didn't notice me and sat, with it's head tucked under a wing.

It was only when we got quite close that it awoke. Robbie hung back a bit and when the bird stretched itself to it's full height and started to flap its wings I backed off as well - suddenly being a good Samaritan wasn't quite so appealing.

The bird then made it's way to the shore and swam off into the bay. We'll never know what was wrong with it or whether it survived the night.

One thing I'll never forget though were Robbies words of advice as I approached the bird;

'Be careful Graham - it'll go for your eyes'.............

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