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Monday, 6 April 2009

My camera has gone in for the 1D fix.........what did I do while it was away.....

.............so while it has been away, I've been running through some old RAW images that I'd not got round to processing.
I have to say, that I will be doing more of that as this year progresses.

One, it is therapeutic, two, I have deleted quite a bit of crap simply by being pretty ruthless and three, I have come across the odd gem that I've gone ahead and processed.

This image is a case in point. Taken on Boxing Day after breakfast, I went to favourite seal spot I know and just sat and waited to see what would happen. After a while, this female popped her head through the sea defences to check me out.

After mum had decided I was OK, one of the pups came over and in the end, it was sniffing the feet of my tripod, so I had to keep moving back to keep the pup in the frame.

Like all avid nature watchers, it is encounters like times like this that keep me going back.
Unfortunately, the march up and click away until the animal moves off brigade will always prevent me from revealing locations, so please don't ask - unless you know me...........

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WPATW said...

Great couple of images Graham - like the first one particularly - most unusual