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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What - no new posts..........

I've not posted for quite a while, but then again, just what has happened to the light so far this year ?

I've been out quite a bit, observing behaviour and looking for opportunities but I've not bothered to get the camera out of the bag. I've simply got bored trying to process flat images.....

So what's new and what am I looking forward to ?

Well - for starters, the England rugby team will smash the French this weekend and then go on to win a Grand Slam, the World Cup Final and Sports Team of the year........

As for photography - well it's all quite exciting really.

My friend Bob and I are pressing ahead with our hide at the farm - the post are ordered, the plans drawn up and we're nearly good to go. I'm charged with sorting the reflection and bathing pool, so plenty of research going in at the moment.

Once the work starts, I'll post some images up of the site.

I've started feeding the badgers in readiness for next month - there are signs of activity around the site when I visited on Monday, so Calum and I are looking forward to getting on with that project too.

Waders and Barn Owls in North Norfolk becon for March and again in April. The first weekend is with the boys, the second is a week with the Missus and the dogs - I'm taking the camera though, so I'll be up early to make the best of it.

When June arrives, I'm off to Shetland again - can't wait for that as the islands are very special indeed and this time, I'll be a bit more prepared as the daylight hours will be very long allowing for plenty of opportunities to work on things that I didn't get properly last year. It will be great to catch up with Robbie and his family too......

I'm not sure I'll be working on the Kingfishers this year - I don't see that I'll get the time.......I've hundreds of images on my hard drives from previous years. I know they are about as I've seen them this year.......

Anyway, that'll do for now - let's hope the light improves soon !

p.s., well done to Calum - he got his first picture sale today. A quarter page in a National Newspaper - no idea which one, but well done Calum !


Anonymous said...

Talking of Kingfishers - have you seen the damage Havering Council have done to the banks of the River Ingrebourne? Unbelievable damage to the bankside habitat which must have wrecked some of the sites of the protected Water Voles.

Graham said...

I spoke to someone today - the damage has been caused by the Environment Agency who have been busy killing off Japanese Knotweed that has infested the river banks.

The weedkiller they have used has killed everything else though which is dreadful to see. Nature will recover, but at the moment, it looks very bare and I fear for the kingfishers as access to the areas they hide and fish from are now unrestricted.