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Monday, 21 March 2011

Jolly boys trip to Norfolk - Day one

I arranged a long weekend for myself and 3 pals to North Norfolk last weekend.

To be honest, it was quite daunting to know that I had 3 guys with me, 2 of whom had never explored the area and as you know, wildlife cannot be ordered to arrive on demand !

3 of us headed up early on Saturday morning with the 4th member of the group travelling up later in the day.

The targets for this visit were Barn Owls and waders.

The early start paid dividends as soon as we hit what I call 'the zone' i.e., 5 miles inland from the coast. On the journey through the zone, we counted 5 Barnies - all close to the road and showing well.

Showing well though is one thing - getting the shots I was after was a different matter. The forecast was for sun - we got sea mist and flat light.

We carried on to our chosen location, and sure enough, saw another pair of Barnies - my friends were thrilled as just seeing Barnies is very special, but getting anything other than a record shot was not on the cards for this morning......

The evening proved just as frustrating. I took the lads to another well known spot and armed with some serious kit (one of our number had blagged a mighty Canon 800mm f5.6 for the weekend), we set up and waited. Unfortunately, the wind had increased during the day and was not going to subside. We saw one Barnie, but the excess of wind noise had him making off to a more sheltered area - never to be seen again.

We retired to the cottage encouraged by having seen at least 7 Barn Owls during our first day, but none had been particularly photogenic...........did we get anymore during our stay ? We certainly did, and here's a taster........more from the trip to follow......

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