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Monday, 1 November 2010

Badger update

So, what's been going on with the badgers recently ?

Answer - not a lot I'm afraid.

I spent a few hours at the site with my good friend Calum last night. It sure made a change to arrive in the dark after the clocks changing, and to set up in the gloom.

Aside from Tawny's calling territory, a solitary Little Owl in the distance, we heard and saw nothing.

I think perhaps it's time to call it quits for 2010, and await the spring when hopefully, cubs will be born, and we can get that long awaited shot.

We've spent dozens of hours at the site and a small fortune on gear - 3 flashs, stands, remote triggers, STE2, night vision, IR lamp.

We've had some great encounters - deer, hare, rabbits, owls, peregrine, sparrowhawk and of course, the badgers themselves. Only the one shot though after all of those hours.......

Next year, we'll nail 'em - we've got the equipment afterall !

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