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Sunday, 21 November 2010

New site

I've been very lucky indeed today.

A friend showed me round 'his' site, which basically consists of uninterrupted access to a farm, it's buildings and the surrounding land.

Bob - you are one lucky bloke !

There are so many opportunities at the site for mini projects, I hope I will be able to join Bob throughout the coming months to see what we can plan and execute.

First up today was this super Little Owl - a bird, that until this year, had eluded me.

I'm very much looking forward to working on this new site and I'll be reporting regulary on my progress.

As for other things that I'll be doing - well, I'm off to Norfolk for the day tomorrow for seals.

Watch this space for a report on that trip.


Peter Edge said...

A very nice shot Graham . I saw it on UKNP and liked it immediately.
Sounds like you gave been very lucky to find a site to work on in peace, I will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Tim James said...

Nice shot, beautifully captured.