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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Macro - a new subject for me

I've owned a 150mm f2.8 Sigma macro lens for a couple of years now thanks to a close friend who lived in Hong Kong and was able to bring me back to the UK whatever I wanted at bargain prices.

I wanted to own a macro lens, and this one has come good reviews, so I duly sent him an order and next time he flew back to the UK, he had my lovely new macro lens with him.

The problem has been that I then bought a 70 - 200mm f2.8L (same source) and then a 500mm f4L. The macro lens never left it's box - until this year.

I've not been out a few times with it having seen some great macro work posted on NPN and CFF.

My first effort was this soldier beetle, and in taking the shot, it really brought home to me how difficult and specialised this medium of photography can be.

The slightest movement and you've a blurred image.

Having studied the exif data of some of the images that have
impressed me, some of the togs are shooting at very high f stops - I saw one stunning image taken at f22.

This presented a problem for me in that I set the camera at f12, and got a shutter speed of around 1/6th - ie., a fuzzy blurr.

More respect due to macro guys, and more practice needed for me !

My next effort produced a more pleasing result and a more compliant subject. This Southern Hawker was hunting when I spotted him and flew around me for about 10 minutes before he settled and allowed me to approach him.

I wasn't sure of the species, but a quick post on CFF and I had an id from Martin Dyer (Wildlifeacrossthewater).

I am very pleased with the result, and having considered selling this lens through lack of usage, I'm going to keep it, and get out with it more as I think macro opens up a whole new world - provided it's not windy of course !

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