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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Photography Days

I love my wildlife. I love to watch wildlife.

My photography is a bonus - a creative medium that allows me to indulge my passion for wildlife.

Photography has helped me to see more of our natural world and to appreciate it's beauty more than I've ever done before.

This brings me to photography days.

I was invited earlier this year to attend two arranged days out with one the UK's leading wildlife photographers, Danny Green.

Now, I have to admit I was dubious - prearranged shoots are not for me. I get a kick from planning and executing a shoot of a subject, but to have it placed in front of me ?

I'd met Danny before, so knowing his relaxed approach, I was happy to go along.

The day started at around 10am and didn't finish until almost sunset.

We 'enjoyed' rain, wind and sun at Vinnies Barn Owl Centre and Vinnie certainly has a way with his birds.

Danny as always was relaxed and available for any advise or assistance if needed.

This image was taken in the rain, and won one of the monthly comps on Canon Fodder Forums, which I was really pleased with.

Am I still dubious - no.

Photography days have to seen for what they are - a prearranged event, where the subjects are brought to you.

Vinnie was excellent at being able to present the subject in as natural a surrounding as possible - the rest is then up to you.

It certainly allows the a photographer a chance to practice, and to mingle with like minded individuals.

Would I go again- yes.

Danny is a super bloke - straight as they come and very willing to share knowledge.

Vinnie is passionate about his birds but also understands what photographers want - natural looking images from captive subjects.

Worth the money - yes.

Where else can you hire a professional photographer, all you need for lovely images - for 8 hours, for under a hundred quid ?

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