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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Trip Report - Scotland - Day Two

Not an especially exciting day unless you like driving (which I do).

I fine Sunday morning saw us make an early start and head on up to Aviemore.

It's a long drive, but the scenary was just super.

Arriving in Aviemore late afternoon meant we had some time to kill so we headed for a Glen to catch the evening l
ight and the Red Deer as they came down for feeding.

As we drove along the Glenn road, I spotted some movement by the roadside. We jumped out of the car and were able to observe several Wheatears which looked like they had just arrived. 
They allowed us to get quite close as you can see from this picture - I think he was exhausted.

Next up we spotted what we had come for - the Red Deer.
These magnificent creatures were looking resplendent in the late afternoon sun, and using the car as a hide, we were treated to some great views.

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