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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Trip Report Day 2 - North Norfolk

A very early start saw me zooming down to one of my favourite spots for photography, Salthouse Pools. These pools, just behind the flood defences are very close to the car park and are a mecca for all sorts of birdlife and birdwatchers. 

Because of the number of people who visit the place, close approach is possible and it makes for a great mirror pool on still days.

I arrived there just as the sun was coming up but was staggered to discover that the Pools are no more. They have dried up. 

I later found out that North Norfolk is suffering from a drought. It has not rained there since the beginning of March. Global warming ?

Plan B had to be put in place, so I made my way to a spot I know very well and started my hunt for the Barn Owls that I know frequent the area.

Having spotted that familiar ghostly, fluttering flight, I set about putting myself in a position that would allow the Barn Owl to come to me.

After an hour or so, my plan worked.

The Barn Owl made his way to the perch I thought he might have been using to scan the area and this allowed me to get the shots I wanted - the best images I have taken of Barn Owls so far.

Super birds and a joy to watch.......

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