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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Trip Report - Scotland - Day Five

Wednesday and time to go sailing - across the water to the Island of Mull.

Our mutual friend, Martin Dyer, had told Steve and I a lot about Mull, and what a wonderful place it was for wildlife so yet another early start saw us making tracks for Oban to catch the first ferry across to the Island.

Once ashore, we set off for our first place of interest, Grass Point - apparently one of the best raptor viewing spots. Sure enough, we came over the brow of a small hill and right in front of us was a Buzzard which had pinned a full grown rabbit down in a ditch beside the track.

As soon as the buzzard spotted us, he took off and the rabbit scarpered. Neither of us had our cameras ready at the time (sod's law), but it gave me an idea..............

We spent the rest of the day exploring Mull in super weather. 

Mull really is a special place.

Highlights were a meadow pipit (I think), that sat up for us quite nicely, and a Buzzard, that obliged us by sitting on a post and watching as we got closer.

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