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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Trip Report Day 1 - North Norfolk

My second trip of the year took me to probably my favorite place of all - North Norfolk.

Ever since my first visit, I've been captivated by all that this part of the UK has to offer. Fantastic wildlife, unspoilt beaches and countryside and relatively few people if you know where to go.

My specific target for this trip was Barn Owls.

I know of a few sites, but it can a frustrating way of passing time !

I set off from home at 3am on 8 May, and made my way to my first stopping point - RSPB Snettisham, which is not far from Hunstanton and Sandringham.

Snettisham is know for it's vast winter flocks of Knot and Dunlin that roost on the scrapes, although this has been in decline in recent years.

I arrived to a windy and cold morning with quite a bit of activity in the pools.

I had the place to myself for 4 hours and took the time to practice photographing Black Headed Gulls in the dawn light that were busy nest building.

Another spectacle that occurs at Snettisham is the daily take off of roosting geese - Brents, Pink Footed and Grey Lag.

I was happy to get this shot of a flock of Brents and they took off from fields and made thier way out to feed on the Wash.

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