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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Trip Report Day 3 - North Norfolk

Day 3, and another early start.

I set off to look for the Barn Owls again - this time getting the best shot I've managed so far. I was very pleased with this image.........................

Later in the morning I left the Barn Owls and went in search of another target species I've wanted to photograph for a long time, Hare.

Using my knowledge of the area, I went to another spot where I'd seen Hare's before and sure enough, from my vantage point there were 3 - feeding and playing in a field about the size of 8 football pitches.

Once again, I set myself up and waited. It's amazing that once you blend in, the wildlife forgets you're there and continues it's business.

While I waited for the Hare's to move closer, this Pheasant wandered into view - their colouring at this time of year is magnificent.

Eventually my wait paid off.

The Hares, completely unaware of my presence came closer and closer allowing me to simply pick my shots.

Once again, I managed to get a shot that I was really pleased with and one that I've never managed to get before.

I've nicknamed this guy Bugsy - he had real character and a scar across his face that only he, and the thing that did it know how it got there.............

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