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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Trip Report - Scotland - Day Six

Our first trip to Mull was so good, we decided to go again the next day and explore some more.

Another very early start to get back on the ferry.

Although windy, the weather was once again super and this time, we came determined to get that killer shot of a Buzzard. Being a scavenger, I thought that if we could find some fresh road-kill, we might be able to place it and lay in wait for the Buzzard to come and tuck in.

We found 'Roger' laying in the road. Luckily he'd not been run over, but had clearly been hit by something and was dead as a doornail, but intact. He was quickly shoved into Steve's boot bag ready for use later in the day.

Having spent quite a bit of the day exploring more of the island, we waited for the light and went back to Grass Point to deploy 'Roger'.

I parked up and then jumped out to place Rog on the top of a large boulder - prime position for a diffuse background, super evening light and hopefully some great shots of a Buzzard eating a rabbit.

The excitement grew as one of the Buzzards spotted Roger and started to fly around looking for danger - at one point he swooped in, but turned away at the last minute and didn't land.

A real shame, but as we had the last ferry to catch, we left Roger to his fate and reluctantly returned to ferry, fish and chips in Oban, then our hotel, a few beers and some kip.

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